Governors at Lubavitch

Governors at Lubavitch



 In 2012, Lubavitch Boys’ Primary School was awarded Voluntary State Aided status. 

  Following the judgement made by Ofsted earlier this year, the school was issued with an order to become an Academy by Dr Tim Coulson, Regional Commissioner for Schools (RCS). During the next few months Lubavitch Foundation will work with the RSC to seek a suitable Multi Academy Trust – MAT, that will best support the longer term continued improvement of the school and ensure the religious ethos of the school is maintained.

To ensure all children who currently attend the school can gain immediate benefits from the drive for rapid and sustainable improvements, the RCS has appointed an Interim Executive Board (IEB) to govern the school .

As governors of the IEB, we have been selected by the RCS for our educational experience and expertise, which needed to fulfil all the functions of the governing board at Lubavitch Junior Boys School.

The governing members of the IEB include:

 Sian Davies, Interim Director of Education, Hackney Learning Trust (Chair)

 Yasmin Chaudhry, ex-headteacher of The Olive school and a Hackney Learning Trust officer

 Beccy MacKinney, an experienced chair of governors and member of the Primary Advantage Teaching School Hackney

 Rabbi Yisroel Lew, co-chair of governors of Lubavitch Junior Boys subcommittee

 Frank O'Donoghue, Head of Business Operations, Hackney Learning Trust.

 The role of the Governing Body is to support and challenge the Head Teacher and to help ensure that the school is moving in the best and most strategic direction.

The Governors have a wide range of responsibilities including:

· ensuring the school meets legal requirements

· setting the school budget

· setting school policies

· making decisions about the school building/premise

· appointing staff and making decisions about current staff

· looking at how well pupils are preforming and ensuring actions are being taken if there are any concerns.

The governors can be contacted on 

 Minutes of the IEB's meetings are available below