Until last summer term, pupils were provided with literacy, numeracy, some science and PE. From the summer term, most pupils have weekly lessons in all of the National Curriculum subjects as identified in class timetables; literacy and numeracy lessons take place daily and all other subjects once weekly. 

All teachers plan for and deliver all of the National Curriculum subjects with the exception of:

* Music – delivered by a specialist music teacher.

* PE – delivered by a specialist PE teacher on site. This is supplemented for Years 2 and 3 by sports lessons provided by ‘Born for Sport’ during one lunch break each week. Swimming is delivered by a specialist swimming teacher at the girls’ school, although this yet to take place so far this term.

* PSHCE; this is delivered through Kodesh sessions in conjunction with the SENDCO as well as during assemblies. In Y6 there are discreet PSHCE sessions.

National Curriculum objectives are used when planning lessons in all of the above areas. These objectives are supported by a variety of schemes of work that teachers can access from our school’s resources. No set scheme of work is in place for any subject area.

Teachers plan their sessions on a weekly basis and cross-reference National Curriculum objectives in their planning. 

We have a range of resources that support the delivery of the National Curriculum. This includes musical instruments, library books that pupils can take home, PE equipment (on order) and new laptops (yet to be fully installed).

Curriculum leadership is undertaken by most staff members with a number of new curriculum co-ordinators being appointed:


* National Curriculum links are highlighted by each Rabbi in all Kodesh planning (see planning).

* A Kodesh NC Co-ordinator has recently started working with Kodesh and Chol teachers to identify and suggest NC coverage and links between Kodesh and Chol.