General Information

General Information




Address: Lubavitch Junior Boys School

135 Clapton Common, London E5 9AE

Telephone number: 020 8800 1044


1a.Staff :

Headteacher: Mr R Leach 

Acting assisstant headteacher : Mr M. Shelton

Reception Class : Mrs Segal / Miss Tescher

Year 1 : Rabbi Karnowsky/ Mrs Moldovenau

Year 2: Rabbi Cohen/ Mr Allen

Year 3 : Rabbi Katz / Mrs Davidoff

Year 4 : Rabbi Labkowski / Mrs Funtong

Year 5 : Rabbi Hackner / Mr Shelton

Year 6 : Rabbi Schwei / Mr Hyman

SENDCo: Mrs Osdin


2. Punctuality

The times of school are listed below.


School Starts

School Ends

Monday to Thursday



Friday (Autumn & Winter Terms)


Varies depending on Shabbos times

Friday (Summer Term)



Sunday  ( Year 1-6)


1.00 pm

Entrance and exit is through Darenth Road. The Darenth Road entrance is used daily from 8:30-8:45 AM and 4:20-4:30 PM. At all other times, entrance and exit is through the main entrance on Clapton Common. Any uncollected children after 4:30pm will be asked to wait by Mrs Poolat's office. We ask you to ensure that you collect your son promptly and inform the school in advance if you will be late.

Collecting children from school

It is important that children are collected punctually at the end of the day. For your child’s safety please ensure that the school has a record of how your child is collected from school, and by whom.  Please also ensure that the school has a number where you can be reached (i.e. mobile number, work number etc). The school office must also have two emergency contact numbers where someone can be reached at any time of the day. These must be people other than parents.


Parents are legally responsible for their child’s school attendance. Children should be at school on time every day the school is open. If your child cannot attend school due to a medical reason or ill-health you must inform the school by calling the office by 9:30 AM.   A letter should be sent to the school when your son returns stating the reason that your son was unable to attend school; this will enable the electronic register to be amended.  Authorised absences are mornings or afternoons away from school for valid reasons, like illness or unavoidable causes. Unauthorised absences are those which the school does not consider reasonable and for which no leave has been given. This includes parents keeping children off school unnecessarily as well as absences which have never been properly explained.

A school attendance officer from The Learning Trust visits the school on a three weekly basis and notes any irregularities, e.g., too many days off or lateness marks which could lead to parents being fined.

When planning a holiday, please consult the enclosed holiday list to ensure that your child does not miss school.

In the event that you feel a need to take your child off school during term time, a special leave-of-absence form must be submitted to the school 14 days before the planned absence.

4. APPOINTMENTS            

If you wish to collect your son for a medical appointment, please inform the school in the morning by sending a note to the teacher.

5. School Uniform

Uniform is compulsory and must be worn at all times. The school uniform consists of a grey shirt, grey trousers, royal blue sweater and completely black shoes. Cappels must be velvet and dark coloured and have no writing other than names.  Haircuts must be short and the same length all around the head.

6. Healthy-Eating Policy


Lunch time is an important part of the children’s all-round development. The school serves freshly-cooked, hot meals. Fresh fruit and vegetables are included in the menu, as part of healthy eating promoted by the school. All children should wash for Hamotzi, since washing and Benching are an important part of a child’s education.

Free school meals

All children in Reception Class and Years 1-2 are eligible for free schools meals. From Year 3 upwards, some children may be entitled to free school meals if their families meet the criteria. If you are in receipt of income support or family credit your child may be eligible for free school meals. It is important that you register for this benefit, even if your child prefers a packed lunch. Application forms are available at the school office.


Our healthy food policy states that children should bring only healthy snacks to school.

Research has shown that healthy snacks have direct health benefits for a child’s ability to learn as well as for their future health.

Snack List



Fresh fruit, vegetables & raisins


Rice cakes, corn cakes, crackers, bread-sticks, croutons & מזונות bread rolls


Plain biscuits and pretzels


No crisps, corn chips, Bislli or similar packet nash


No wafers, cream-filled biscuits or coated biscuits

Drinks List



Water, pure fruit juice, diluted “squash” drinks


No fizzy drinks

Health & Safety – please note:



No peanuts, peanut-butter sandwiches, Bamba or peanut-filled pretzels.


No nuts or foods containing nuts


No glass bottles or cans


No flasks or foods that require reconstituting with hot water



 How much snack should I send?

 There are 2 snack times, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Please provide two healthy snacks each day (children taking the coach may bring an additional snack to be kept in their bag). Some children may need reminding not to eat their entire snack in the morning!


Our school maintains a strict ‘no nuts’ policy, as some children have very severe allergies.  This includes peanuts as well as tree nuts (cashews, almonds, pistachios, pecans, etc.)


Only food with a reliable hechsher can be sent to school.



 Please label EVERYTHING with the child’s FULL NAME!

This includes:

• All uniform items including shoes, socks and hats

• All P.E. and swimming items

• School bags

• Stationery


Mazel tov!  Everyone loves a birthday. 

In the first instance, please check with the class teacher, to see if the day you have in mind to celebrate, is convenient. Please bring the ‘pekalach’ to the school office at the start of the day. Please also send grape juice, tzedaka .  You can send Pekelach containing: a wafer, a drink and some sweets. You may wish to add a small prize.  

9. Behaviour/Expectations

Good behaviour is expected and recognised; all classes work as a team to create a happy, calm environment. A number of systems to promote good behaviour are used consistently throughout the school. If expectations are not met, your child will receive a warning. If he needs to be reminded again, he will receive a ‘time out’. Should there be a serious issue parents/carers will be contacted. If concerns are ongoing, parents/carers are asked to meet with the Headteacher or the SENDCO to develop a plan to address the issues. 

10. Medicines

 It is essential that you inform the school of any medical condition your child suffers from so that we can provide accordingly. Asthma inhalers must be clearly labelled and handed to the office so that they can be stored in the classroom – your child will have supervised access as needed. Medicines prescribed by a doctor may be kept in school; these must also be handed in to the office and not be kept in a child’s possession. A medical consent form must be completed by parents for any inhalers or medicines prescribed by a doctor which need to be kept and administered at school. Medicines are administered by a staff member in the school office who has been trained in First Aid. Please ensure that you are aware of expiry dates of all medicines and ensure that the ones held in school are current.

11. Communication:

In case it is necessary for a child to be sent home because of an accident or illness, it is essential that there is not only a phone number of your works address but also an alternative contact. You will appreciate the need to keep this information up to date and it is vital that the school is notified of a change in circumstances as soon as possible

Please check your child’s school bag and diary each day.

A newsletter is sent out weekly on Fridays and a copy is sent via email.

Appointments to see teachers should be made via the office

12. Trips:

 We often organise trips away from school. Parents must sign a letter of consent before each trip and may also be asked to contribute to the costs. Children will generally be required to wear the full school uniform and bring packed lunches and drinks. (Parents/Carers will be notified of any exceptions to this.)

Coaches all have seat belts and all our destinations are risk assessed.


13. Swimming/ PE


 We provide swimming / PE lessons.

Swimming: Children must have their full uniform and wear a coat in winter when they go to the swimming baths. Swimming is an important part of the PE curriculum. If your child is unable to swim, a note stating the reason must be handed to the teacher on the morning that the lesson will be missed. If a child has prolonged periods when he/she is unable to swim, the school will require a doctor’s note.

PE: For these lessons, your son will need a PE kit that consists of a pair of jogging trousers, a t-shirt and a pair of trainers.

Dates for swimming /PE sessions will be sent out shortly.  

14. Concerns/Complaints


From time to time you may have concerns about an aspect of school. If you do have any concerns or complaints please raise them with your child’s class teacher initially. It is always the aim of the school to resolve any issues or concerns informally. If, however, you do not feel your concern has been addressed after speaking with the class teacher please request an appointment with the Headteacher.