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We are working diligently to address all of the issues identified by Ofsted in our report of 24-25 February.

The following measures were taken during the Autumn term:

1. Full coverage of the National Curriculum - including curriculum maps, scheduled lessons in all subjects including ICT, work on NC links within the Kodesh curriculum.

2. Regular, scheduled guided reading sessions for all year groups.

3. External support for reading, writing and mathematics.

4. Weekly staff INSET.

5. New phonics scheme: 'Letters & Sounds'

6. New writing scheme: 'Pen Pals'.

7. Orders of new class readers and library books.

8. Regular lesson observations by the SLT.

9. Regular 'Book Looks' by the SLT, moderated by the Hackney Learning Trust.

10. Embedding of our tracking system - 'Ladders'.

11. Pupils Progress Meetings.

12. The appointment of subject co-ordinators for all subjects.

13. Chol assemblies with a focus on Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE).

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